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Last Updated - 8/30/2020

Season Interest
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Keep your eyes on Sheboygan Adult Hockey's website and Facebook page ( sheboyganadulthockey ) as we approach the season. There will be plenty of information there for you as it is finalized.

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Page Contents:
- Assumptions For Season
- Playing Status Request
- Recruiting Request
- High Level Season Notes (includes dates)
- Sponsor Search

---> Assumptions For Season

We have not heard a definitive operation plan or protocol list for Sheboygan Lakers Ice Center, so let's work under the assumption that game play will proceed this season as normal.

As we find out more details, we will communicate that. But for now, when you consider your interest to play, use that assumption.

We are seeking only verbal commitment at this point, registration will open as soon as possible.

We plan to have six teams again if numbers allow. That would be our goal, at this time. We could definitely use some recruiting.

---> Playing Status Request

We are requesting that existing and potenital SAH participants please drop us an email at to let us know your status for the upcoming season. (no payment required)

We will make record of your reply and track it for the upcoming season's draft list. This is very helpful to our efforts to prepare for the season.

---> Recruiting Request

If you can recruit some new players, we highly encourage it. Get their email addresses and phone numbers to us at ASAP.
Some suggestions:
Manitowoc, Ozaukee, or Calumet County players?
Old Teammates?
Recent High School Grads?
Drop-In Players?
Somebody You Know?
New Arrivals to Area?

---> High Level Season Notes

The ice is available now or soon at Sheboygan Lakers Ice Center. We don't know how this affects pre-season skates, but it isn't likely going to affect regular season dates.

Wednesday drop-ins will be offered based on the Sheboygan Lakers Ice Center's schedule. They control those sessions, not SAH.

Sunday SAH pre-season drop-ins will occur on Sunday September 13th, 20th, and 27th.

Sunday SAH regular season play will begin on Sunday October 4th. Season will consist of 20 games. Season will conclude on Friday March 12th.
Off nights:
11/22 Hunting
11/29 Packers
12/27 Packers
2/7 Super Bowl

Remember that everyone will need to pay their FULL registration fees in advance of the payment deadline in order to be draft eligible for the actual SAH season. Team rosters are a fixed size, draft spots are limited. Draft be held on Monday September 28th, which will serve as the payment deadline as well.

Look for the annual SAH Welcome Letter soon.

If you have questions, check out this page on our website:

As always, everything subject to change as we work out the final details.

---> Sponsor Search

If you or someone you know is interested in SAH sponsorship, please let us know. We're always interested in hearing about those opportunities.

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