Last Updated - 8/13/2021

Paying Using PayPal
Using Bank Transfer or PayPal Balance to eliminate fees on SAH end

IMPORTANT – read details regarding PayPal fees below before sending money
Send PayPal payment to:

PayPal payments to SAH can be made such that NO FEES are charged to either party involved in the transaction. Any payment made that incurs fees on the SAH end will be rejected by SAH. Your payment due will increase accordingly to cover any leftover fees and hassle.

To avoid fees:
- Use the Option to Send to a friend / family (FREE!)
- Use a funding source that uses your PayPal balance or Bank Transfer (FREE!)
- Avoid using a funding source like Credit Cards and Debit Cards - there will be a fee
- Avoid paying for goods and services - there will be a fee

If asked to pay fees or pass along, pay the fees on your end. DO NOT pass fees on to Sheboygan Adult Hockey.

If you use a debit or credit card (and possibly certain other options) there will be a fee that you will need to pay. If you choose something other than Friend/Family there will be fees incurred on the SAH end.